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Suntied was created like many businesses that came before it. In a rooftop bar. We didn’t have a brand name or fancy packaging, but we did have three things that are essential for the start of any new business, a great friendship, a kickass product… and bottomless Frosé.


* Us, feat the bottomless Frose, back in 2020

In our OG home towns, the struggles of good beach hair were never a part of everyday life. Fast forward three years in Sydney, and we were fed up with the compromise of good (and healthy!) hair, versus a great day at the beach. We realised that we shouldn’t have to compromise between looking and feeling our best and still doing the things we love, and neither should anyone else.

We were done desperately trying to detangle our hair after swimming, having to “pop home” before heading to a bar to try and tame our hair, and with our hair feeling dull and dry after each summer day.



Beach Hair Rescue Spray:

Hydrates hair after being exposed to sun, wind and saltwater
Repairs hair cuticles from the damage caused by saltwater and UV light
Detangles knots that often develop in wet hair


Why Beach Hair Rescue Spray is a game-changer

When it comes to hair care products, we found that there wasn’t a lot out there that was designed specifically to combat damage caused by life by the ocean. What makes Suntied so special is that it actually works! We have developed a formula to keep your hair smooth, silky and frizz-free on the go- with no nasties!

With our Beach Rescue spray, you can say goodbye to flyaways, knots and frizz, and hello to bar ready, tamed hair.


How to use:

Spray Beach Hair Rescue directly onto wet hair from mid-length to the ends after washing hair or swimming in the ocean. Gently comb through with a brush or your fingers. Let the sun dry your hair, or follow your usual hair routine. Beach Hair Rescue is a leave-in product, so there is no need to rinse out!


Who is it for?

Our Beach Hair Rescue Spray is suitable for anyone with hair! Whether your hair is curly or straight, blonde, red or brown, we are calling all sun-seekers, wave-surfers, beach-goers and bar-hoppers to give it a try!



Retail Price: $42